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Anthony Karen.Vodou: Inside the rituals of Haiti’s Vodou faith

Anthony Karen Vodou: Inside the rituals of Haiti’s Vodou faith: Mesmerizing photos show animals being sacrificed and worshipers overcome by spirits during ceremonies of the intriguing Caribbean religion | Mail Online.

An enchanting collection of photographs has given a glimpse inside Haiti’s Vodou faith – but it’s not all animal sacrifice and evil spirits.

Anthony Karen said he felt compelled to travel to the Caribbean country after a documentary piqued his interest in its dark and mysterious rituals.

But once there, he discovered there are many misconceptions about the religion he now considers one of the most organic and natural forms of spirituality.



Several times a day, light casts down from an opening at the highest point of the grotto ceiling, during these times, many Vodouisants can be found making their requests to the Loa/Iwa. It was that same light that the Taino Indians in that region centered many of their rituals

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