Foto: Guido Daniele African Body Painting

Foto: Guido Daniele African Body Painting

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Wild adventure – Central Borneo island: Tradition Long Ears

Wild adventure – Central Borneo island: Tradition Long Ears.

CALL tattoo art, many tribes in the archipelago that has this tradition such as the Dayak tribe, Mentawai, and Papua. However, the tradition of long ears, only the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan, which has a tradition of this unique and special. That was not all Dayak tribes, but only a few subsuku certain Dayak.
EVEN become one of the characteristics or identity that is very prominent as the original inhabitants of Kalimantan, but the tradition is now even more abandoned. Even if there are to survive, only a small proportion of the older generation Dayak groups aged over 60 years.
Apart from very few in number, those who come from long-eared leaves the end of deliberately cutting their ears. The reason that is often noted, the fear of being out of date or worry their kids feel ashamed.
According to anthropologist Mering Ngo, who also comes from the Dayak tribe, if a traditional Dayak tattoos now evolved into modern tattoo art, tradition long ears even more submerged and abandoned.There are no young people today who carry on this tradition, even though in the interior of Borneo, with a variety of reasons.
“Just me just who made the long ears. Seventh my child, one whose ear was no longer made,” said Pejung (82), citizen Kayan Dayak tribe whose ear is made up of about 15 centimeters long.
“I’m sorry if my children will be ashamed and ridicule. In fact, long ears must begin to do since I was a baby,” added Pejung.
According Mering Ngo, besides there is no successor to preserve the tradition of long ears, nor do all groups or subsuku Dayak of Kalimantan have long ears of this tradition. In West Kalimantan, for example, the tradition of long ears, among others, known only among the Dayak Iban, Kayan, Parks, and Dayak Punan. This tradition was mostly only applicable in rural areas as in Kapuas Hulu.
A long ears is not only done on women, but also in men. Making long ears are usually done since she was a baby. The objective, according to Mering Ngo, associated with the classification of one’s social strata in society.
In the Dayak Kayan, for example, making long ears showed people were from the nobility.
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