MUSTANG,NEPAL by Jimmy Nelson


MUSTANG,NEPAL by Jimmy Nelson
The former kingdom of Lo is linked by religion, culture and history to Tibet, but is politically part of Nepal. Now Tibetan culture is in danger of disappearing, it stands alone as one of the last truly Tibetan cultures existing today. Until 1991 no outsiders were allowed to enter Mustang.“The one who is guilty has the higher voice”The traditions of the people of Lo are closely related to early Buddhism. Most still believe that the world is flat. They are highly religious, prayers and festivals are an integral part of their lives. The grandeur of the monasteries illustrates the prominent position of religion.

May 2011

The ‘Land of Lo’, as it is known to its 7,000 inhabitants, occupies a mere
2,000 square kilometres in the upper valley of the Kali Ghandaki River,
which flows straight from north to south. Routes parallel to the river
once served as a major trade route. Salt from the vast lakes deep inside
Tibet and wool from mountain yaks were traded for grain and spices
from India. Mustang in particular was a thoroughfare for this immensely
important trade, providing the surplus that enabled the construction
of large monasteries and the creation of stunning works of art,
particularly from the late 14th to the 17th centuries. At the end of the
18th century, the kingdom was annexed by Nepal. Continue reading

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Flickr: Tyla’75’s Photostream

Flickr: Tyla’75’s Photostream.

An elderly lady at Jhinu Danda,Nepal

Back from Nepal. Oh! What an amazing trip it was! Time to dig into the photos but before I dive into editing a quick taster.

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