Bulgarian Muslim bride Dhzemile Lilova

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An anthropologist on the moon: Anthropology Blog.: Family Ties: diversity of families in different cultures.

An anthropologist on the moon: Anthropology Blog.: Family Ties: diversity of families in different cultures..

Family Ties: diversity of families in different cultures.

“Polygamy (plural marriage) is given, at least in 90% of all cultures.”

“One of the most important facts about human domestic institutions is that there is no single pattern that is more” natural “than another”

Marvin Harris, an anthropologist.
In our culture, blood ties us together biological, and believe that marriage is the foundation of the family, which holds if there is mutual trust and good communication, and work to sustain and maintain the time together … with the ultimate goal of procreation.
Still …
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Marriage with a Muslim Arab | Arabic … TASTE OF ORIENT

Marriage with a Muslim Arab | Arabic … TASTE OF ORIENT.

Marriage to an Arab Muslim

Random internet reading an article that left me bitter. With a silly title, “Muslim Marriage dangerous trap.” Article on time made me miss not only Romania and Romanians with their mentality “to die and neighbor’s goat”. Some ladies, frustrated, treating a subject fervently that he had no connection with zacusta nor with the maintenance bill. Even with pickles fall, but with something waaaay deeper. Marriage to a Muslim!

There, in that virtual space, romancutele burned “to corason” who are warning that the advice about Arab men, this “boo boo” with sweet words and deceitful heart, which has only one purpose in life. To “fish” romance, leads to Arab countries and of course wrap them as Egyptian mummies without even leaving their eye sight. They are too beautiful and can probably nah, moths in the closet or they fall in love with them and bring scourge in marriage. Buuun they’ll be unlucky ladies in question, say “I am very sorry” and move on, whether we admit it or not, the unlucky in love exist regardless of the nationality of the man. But, inspired Dudu Turkish series apparently had much more to say. So many horror and advice for young women and girls neexperimentatele love with Arabs, that I live in the Arab country with a Muslim husband and staying the same, I was wondering in what movies tell. Or what farmers in Pakistan, Uzbekistan or Tatarstan have or be “combined” dear to them?

They are men and strict, violent, or false, no one denies. Both Arab countries and in some other corner of the world. We know, we live among them, and all we can do is to behave only care once you become major and vaccinated. But in an interesting way, only marriages with Arabs are treated like the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf in the forest. Suddenly, looking for drunks in Romania occurring in the five o’clock news as stabs his wife dead drunk, watching the drones who do not look for jobs but wives living on money that ironically, come and walk in daily market, in bags full of tomatoes and cucumbers after a day’s work. Talk about these issues although they rarely happens too often in one country “Europeanised” like ours. Only when it comes to marriages with Arabs, the story gets salt and pepper. Unfortunately, in Romania there are fans Simona Sensual girls who “bearer” neurons scratch, believing that the state social sites looking for “Arab sheikhs” will bring happiness and Strange attitude will give back. Sorry, I have bad news for ladies knowing that from unfortunate experience dare to offend even the Arab world and Islam.Recipe “Pitzi of Romania” if wait fails diamond ring after a night in the bedroom just before loving to store the full name of Arab boyfriend.

Personally, I see only two outputs. The handsome and “smart” will not ever think of marriage after the “shag first” in the bedroom (why they do it, how Romans do?) And the closed mind will never grant roared the treatment of Romania hopes to take part. And who’s to blame? Arab husband? I think that rather she who fell headfirst without knowing where. Another question is, why is it so often the case about her husband marrying a Muslim Arab, when the media appear so many divorces, murders and beatings between Romans? The answer is one. Most “rumors” like this are fueled mostly by women who failed either through cheaper behavior, either from ignorance. And it’s easier to insult a nation than to admit your own mistakes. Nobody denies that you can meet Arab men liars, evil or violent. But the real unlucky ladies in marriages with Arab Muslims do not waste their time insirand ridiculous stories on the internet, but elegant look or choose a divorce solutions in a more discreet manner.So … me talking “zarzavagioaicelor” did not convince me at all, I’m not aroused any ounce of compassion, but I just left a bitter taste …


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