А. Осташко: Будь хеттом! » Адыги – История, культура, традиции и быт адыгов (черкесов)

А. Осташко: Будь хеттом! » Адыги – История, культура, традиции и быт адыгов (черкесов).

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A. Ostashko: Any Hattie!
A. Ostashko: Any Hattie!
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We offer you a very interesting article by Ukrainian historian Andrew Ostashko “Het zhegyIe! – Whether Hett! or the Hittites are still there, ” “God can not change the past, but historians can. And should be, just because they sometimes provide this service, God tolerates their existence …. ” Samuel Butler’s history – the word, which has several meanings.The first – “what happened.” And the second – “the science that studies and describes what it was.” Very often it happens that describes the history of science that was inaccurate, often misunderstood and distorted – errs, errs, is a captive of their established patterns and concepts. Mistakes happen intentionally and unintentionally, accidentally and intentionally. Like any science, history likes to make discoveries at its disposal interesting facts. Scientists themselves – are also people, and nothing human is alien to them. After making the discovery – that recognition, fame and career. But with all this science of history remains inert and conservative, with great difficulty accepting new attitudes and new approaches to old problems. Why? The fact is that any current concept of the power of science – is the fruit of the labor of some of the outstanding scientist, authority in this area of expertise. Someone dared to revise his opinion, must complete at least years – 40-50 after the death of that luminary of science. And then someone will say that this scientist was wrong, or say that this concept should be reviewed. We can say that historical science is slowly “goes” on the “authorities” that her train slowly creeping up the hill. There is another reason for the slowness and conservatism. The fact that many scientists have made ​​their careers by now well-established concepts and move them virtually impossible. To this can be added the fact that the state formation, religious and political organizations as well as national and nationalist, practicing or promoting a certain ideology, are contributing to the “noble cause” rewriting history. Thus, the line up “favorable” and “digestible” versions of historical concepts. All of this ultimately gives biased science. discovering something new, science proceeds as follows – look, fit this new fact in the current orderly scheme, the “right” ideology and politics. If the fit – great! You can congratulate the opening of confirming the discovery of the past.And if you can not understand or, even worse for the discoverer, – destroys the existing opinion? Then leave while unattended and push in the “back burner” until better times. One such amazing and indigestible to the facts of science is a phrase that exists among the Circassians as a figure of speech, such as sustainable phrase: “Het zhegyIe!”, which translated into Russian means – “Be Hett». A detailed interpretation of the meaning: “Behave yourself so that you talked about: he – Hittite.” This phrase is also hidden emotional appeal “to multiply and continue the glory of the Hittites!”. This phrase is now actively used in everyday speech, the Circassians, it is – the current live the phrase used by the people.Usually it says senior years younger naputstvuya or instructing. For example, watching the road, in the army, to school, to the competition. should also pay attention to the fact that in the phrase, “Be Hett!” no value or meaning, which would be expressed in the phrase, “Be like or similar Hetty” or same “imitate Hetty.” It calls not to try to be like the Hittite, and it is not to forget that you Hittite. That is the kind of person who utters this expression, considers himself and the person to whom it is said – the Hittites. On this basis, it is clear and understandable, that we are dealing with the archaic self-designation of the Circassians. This is evidenced by the common sense, because it is logical, for example, that the Russian might say to his younger – “Do not forget that you are Russian,” but unlikely to say – “Do not forget that you are a Pole!”. The Chinese say this: “whether the Chinese!” But in any case will not call his younger-be Japanese. Circassians consider themselves Hittites called themselves the Hittites, and in this capacious phrase tremendous emotional content – the pride of ethnic belonging and pride historical. In this phrase, apart from the direct sense, founded and still call – and continue to increase the glory of the Hittites. And that’s what the Circassians consider themselves Hittites and call themselves by the Hittites, a problem with the official historical version. Where geographically Hittites, and where the Circassians? At what time of the Hittites lived, and when there were Circassians? What do they overlap? So can ask us questions scientists hettologi. And then do they say, “The Circassians Hittites can not be!”. Because none of the discoverers of the Hittites, whose works are the basis of knowledge of this ancient people were not aware of the phrase “Het zhegyIe,” and still occuring at the Circassians. Hettologiya otherwise probably would have gone a different way. It turns out this discrepancy, this little phrase, being taken into account, can change the existing concept and give rise to completely revise the Hittite perspective! Now, in the current concept of a single thread linking the Circassians and the Hittite power, is the thesis that the language of the inhabitants of pre-Indo-Malaya Asia – Hutt similar in structure and vocabulary of the languages ​​of the Abkhaz-Adyghe (Circassian, Ubykh, Abaza, Abkhaz). But this “thin thread” science is not interested and does not develop it. Let us now take some scientific texts and identify them on the Hittites, and subject the thing in question. Let’s start with the big terminological confusion that exists regarding the Hittites. This confusion is one of the main reasons as to who the Hittites.
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Wedding in Khevsureti by paata

OrthPhoto – wedding in khevsureti – paata.

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FIVE ROADS BACK HOME by Philipp Rathmer

  • An exhibition for the European Azerbaijan Society
    photography by Philipp Rathmer


    It is one of the world’s forgotten conflicts. For almost hundred years, Armenia and Azerbaijan have fought over Nagorno-Karabakh, a border region with a majority Armenian population. the conflict between the two former Soviet republics peaked in a bloody war in 1992 that killed tens of thousands of people, in the aftermath of which Armenien troops occupied Nagorno-Karabakh and its surrounding areas, driving out most of the Azerbaijani populace.
    Twenty years later, the conflict is far from over; a ceasefire secures a fragile peace, an for the victims of war and expulsion it is far from forgotten. They suffer the consequences to this day.
    Philipp Rathmer travelled to Azerbaijan in July 2012 to portray victims of this unresolved conflict – people who still live in camps today – refugees in their own country.In Takhtakorpu and Guzanli, Darnagul and Gizilgum, people told him of their fate and their view of things – some very candidly, some with a certain reticence. Of course, it is only one side of the conflict – their side. But it is the side of those who had to flee an give up their homes. They therefore represent all of the victims of displacement and the world’s many wars.

    This Text is from the Exhibition Catalogue.

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