Sexual and amorous rites world cultures (English version)

Sexual and amorous rites world cultures | CANAL CULTURE.(English version)

Sexual and amorous rites in world cultures

By Naomi Maza

“Of the 2,570 pages I have written, only 280 (ie, 10%), dealing with sexuality. Who would dare to say that this case represents only one-tenth of our conscious concerns, both between and among indigenous Europeans? ”   Verrier Elwin, anthropologist.

“You can not smoke either fresh fish if you put the fire on top.  Put the wood underneath ”   Proverb ethnicity gun .

 By Naomi Maza

In  mendi tribe of New Guinea, a curious courtship called “het tanim occurs  . During the meeting, courting couples  rubbed  each other with increasing rapidity. Finally, make love on the floor, covered with leaves of sugarcane.

 The town of Lleida  Isil , Spain , has preserved an ancient festival of sexual initiation: Failures Isil. The evening before the summer solstice, the rising young singles to find more high solar fire surrounding peaks at sunset down loading logs pinned to the back. In the village await the single girls each pick a guy, that gives you a bunch of floors  and abortive aphrodisiac . Then, spend the night together.
In 1938 it was noted that young  Dahomey  carry on his left cheek scarification in a small circular shape. This signal pales when excited, which means that’s where you have to kiss them. In the inner thighs had a network of disturbing calls incisions Zidon ( “push me” ).
Among the members of the  Nuba ethnic group , inhabitants of the southern part of Sudan, love works in a very free way, but raises a physically demanding. To enter into the bridal chamber is necessary to be thin and have great  agility , as the only access to this intimate space is a small hole 35 inches in diameter, located five feet tall. The system is uncomfortable, but it has a very specific purpose: to protect the interior from wind, heat, and especially the terrible snakes.
Every girl appoints his companion, raising his leg over the shoulders of the elect. This can not look only guided by the  smells  given off by the young, suitably smeared with oils and creams. This tribe considers love as a refined activity, which is linked to music and dance.

In the state of  Madhya Pradesh , northwest India, muria youth are initiated into the practice of love for other older boys and girls in a communal hut called “ghotul”. Before the love act, adolescents of both sexes tend to dance around the place. Currently, the visit of its territory, which is under the supervision of the Indian army, is prohibited foreign photographers and cameras. However, in 1991, the reporter Philippe Body was found that the habit of going to ghotul still in force. In the fifties a shepherd named Verrier Elwin Ingless, spent time with muria and questioned them about the origin of this institution. “It’s for the kids to leave us alone!” Joked pointing to an old children, “tiny bugs! We were sick of the hassles, the arming noise. So we decided to make a home. ” Actually, welcome others, it is to keep children away from the mat where parents link between moans. It happens that marriages are arranged by parents, including the covenant of dowry. If either one or the other have slept with all members of ghotul,  sexual curiosity  will have been satisfied, and the adulterous temptations are reduced after marriage. Elwin lost faith to follow the doctrine of Gandhi.


 In  Chad , before dancing frantically to the young girls sara tribe are subject to a “curious” aesthetic and erotic ritual . With a knife, they were an incision on the belly to form a pattern. Then throw them in the scar ash to increase the relief.

In some parts of  Congo and Abyssinia , the  midwives  teach their pupils erotic dances and prepare them for the sex act to force intimate massage.

In the mountains of Yunnan  (China) , takes place unique in the world. There the peasantry  “na”  will never marry, and the children have no known father. Women remain throughout his life with his brothers and sisters, caring community’s children each.Meanwhile occasionally receive  nocturnal visit  some furtive lover who will never be recognized as a parent. It is perhaps the legacy of a time when it was common for parents died in wars, or lived like nomads were Buddhist monks who had taken a vow of chastity, and therefore would not recognize their offspring. In the absence of men, women gathered the crops, they fed families and imposed rules. Meanwhile, his brothers and maternal uncles visit the homes of other women. “When a lover wants to try a beautiful woman looking at him, he swipes the basket or hat. If she gets angry, there is nothing to do. If you smile, she is willing. “Chinese account Cai Hua ethnologist. Now, “without knowing a woman can be fertilized by a natural brother, uncle, nephew or stranger, come from another village” “Incest exists only within the same house.” In the privacy of the home, the taboo is complied with the greatest severity: a girl does not watch television in the company of a sibling or a maternal uncle, does not walk in the darkness around him, not dance before your eyes. Among them, all shared emotion would be a shame. The  Mosuo have a similar tradition.

In  Niger , during the celebration of the annual festival called “Worso”, which marks the end of the rainy season and the renewal of vegetation, young  Bororo  profusely makeup to participate in a sort of beauty contest  called geerewol. Young dance lined up facing the jury of women. Makeup operation is paramount, and may last for six days and six nights. All the dancers are painted in the same way so that only the beauty of each is the criterion of choice. Then drink a herbal stimulant and mixed with milk in order to hold out under conditions bark infusion. As they dance, they look the whites of your eyes and dentadura.Tras the parade, they choose a couple and head to lucky to consummate the sexual act in the undergrowth. Unsatisfied wives may choose a new husband after sacrificing an animal.

In the village  kalash , in the region of Hindu Kush, northern  Pakistan , on the winter solstice celebrated a festival called chaumos, true verbal orgy to exalt love and fertility. No missing insults between the inhabitants of different villages, and at the end of the party, men dress as women and vice versa, and in this manner are released all kinds of obscenities and sexual provocations  that ignite the collective wishes, also helped by the wine (non-Muslims). Only after the slaughter of goats, formation couples night. This is increasing the desire for couples and herds are fertilized in the winter time abstinence.“The language of the penis” say kalsh serves to tighten ties and regenerate vital forces.
The  U’wa  are a unique ethnic group of 3,000 members living replicated in the green tropical forest covered mountains of northeastern Colombia. They believe that their lands are sacred, and have managed to reject all intruders from the Spanish to the Colombian army or the guerrillas. Among their customs figure one. In carrying puberty, girls should cover their heads with a mask made ​​of mesh palm leaves, that look in view of all four years, until her marriage.
In Greenland, the Inuit, when a visitor came playing “lights off” foreign women are presented with welcome.
In the  Trobriand Islands , the father did not get to meet his son until after six weeks, in which the mother is reported in the hut. Thereafter, he will take care of the small as well as the mother, but will never be acknowledged paternity. The relationship is only the  maternal line , it depends on the secondment to the family group and the succession of property and assets.
Among  the  Huaorani,  sensuality is not focused on the genitals and is the exclusive domain of adult heterosexuality. They do not eroticize and sexualize her sensuality: sensualizan life together . No other distinguished sensuality of bodily pleasures, all the different bodily pleasures are simply “being” in its common life. For example, a Huaorani no distinction between the pleasure of intercourse and the pleasure you get a child when maternal breast milk. The need for comfort and physical contact is interpreted as sexual, and the desire to not take affection and desire for sex. No erotizanlas not have intimate relationships and categorizations that distinguish each others sexual behavior (homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality …). The Huaorani know that sex is necessary to perpetuate and therefore all their sexuality is intended for breeding purposes. For them to have sex is just two people (man and woman) performing in a hammock intercourse, reproductive purposes. As it is difficult for a woman to get pregnant at first intercourse, everyone should contribute to the creation of children, hence not uncommon for many men go through the same hammock of a woman. Repeat sex is considered necessary for a woman to get pregnant and that the fetus grows.

“You can not smoke either fresh fish if you put the fire on top. Put the wood underneath, “says the old proverb  ethnicity gun . It is not always easy to decipher codes and keys hidden in the tales and African erotic stories, but Agnès Agboton, Benin and researcher storytelling storytellers of his country, he understood. Among honvienu, a village in  Benin , sex missionary position (man on top, woman below) are considered superficial and incomplete. Put another way: “To smoke penetrating well in fish, firewood should burn underneath.” In Benin, has to say “I love you” using an expression which means  “I like your smell” . So this tells us the problem storytelling that took Mawu, God the maker of all things, to place women ( koto ) in the right place. After trying on the ear and nose, leaned place it in one of the armpits, which created serious problems because it was too obvious and disturbing the sight of men. Until finally, the goddess gave Minona with key and crotch proposed as the best location. And the people started calling gun females also the name of  nesuhue , meaning “the refuge of the phallus.”


The  polygyny  is a custom known among some African and Arab tribes senior, although Mormons also relaunched the old Hebrew habit of plural marriage. For example, in the realm Azande  of Sudan, as the rich had many women, they became scarce, so the young warriors of the court took as wife a teenager of the same sex that fulfilled all sexual functions household and farm until he married a woman.

The  polyandry  is supported by very few people in the world. One is the ethnic Tibetan ning-ba , in northwestern Nepal, where it is recorded as a curious case of marriage of a woman with all the brothers of a family. She also inherited the land to avoid it to fragment.Polyandry is also given between the tre-ba of Tibet and among Bhotias / Butias Kumaon Indians.
 The anthropologist  Malinowski  struggled in his hut: “I lack it. His body seems to me ideally beautiful and sacred. I have wet dreams … “” I’ve seen him in dreams as ideal figures. Zenia, T., N., sleeping in the same room, separated by walls of corrugated iron, “he wrote in his diary. At the outbreak of World War pimera, found himself caught in the Trobriand Islands in Melanesia. “Chastity is an unknown virtue for these trobiandeses” he wrote. From puberty, adolescents bukumatula go to a secluded house where exercising in lovemaking techniques. Another tradition states that unmarried girls serve food to come from far away, and the desserts are offered in welcome. Women “chase any foreigner male pubic tear the sheet and abused in the most ignominious way,” he wrote in The Argonauts. But the seemingly most liberal societies there are rules, taboos that prevent certain categories of relations, says.  
And the promiscuity of the noble savage in which Rousseau dreamed or painter Gauguin in the Marquesas, 
who died syphilitic and disenchanted, 
does not exist.

Sources: C3% B1a-under-the-fish-.html 
Geo, a new world view.  No. 145 Feb.

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