Ama, les femmes de la mer (Maraini 1954) – Chroniques Hokkaïdoises

Ama, les femmes de la mer (Maraini 1954) – Chroniques Hokkaïdoises.

Fosco Maraini (1912-2004) was one of the few European ethnologists have stayed in Japan in the late 30s and have written texts on the still unknown aspects of this country. Excellent photographer, he was interested in ” Ama “(海女) which he shared the daily hekura-jima, central Japan. These “women of the sea”, a literal translation of ideograms, are divers snorkeling living product of their fishing and sale of precious pearls. They still continue to this day to perpetuate this old tradition over 2000 years, plunging dressed only in a loincloth to depths of 15 meters. A new exhibition of some of his extraordinary photographs (taken with a Leica) held recently in Italy, here are some of the most beautiful shots.

ama6 aria cercando-le-ama pausa-sullo-scoglio verso-gli-abissi

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