Nezu Shrine – Taiko Drummers | Tokyobling’s Blog

Nezu Shrine – Taiko Drummers | Tokyobling’s Blog.

There’s so many festivals, events and performances going on today here in Tokyo that you are agonizing over which one to go to right now! I won’t list them all, but one event that is worth attending if you haven’t been to many festivals this year, is the Nezu Shrine festival, the main event being today. I went there yesterday and saw this great performance by the Nezu Gongendaiko (根津権現太鼓) taiko drum group. They have two performances today and later on at night they also perform a much more limited set at the nearby bonodori street party. The performance I saw was an all woman drummer event and they were great. Groups with male drummers tend to focus more on raw power whereas the ladies are more into group interaction, one drummer will pick up the rhythm of another, and showy drum movements, switching drums or hitting more than one drum at a time. It’s great fun to watch and you really must be there because I have yet to hear a recording or see a video that comes even close to capturing what it really sounds like.














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