Citizens of the World: America Nambikwara Indians (homage to Claude Lévi-Strauss)

Citizens of the World: America Nambikwara Indians (homage to Claude Lévi-Strauss).

Neither men nor women wear clothes, are distinguished from neighboring tribes for both the physical type that for the poverty of their culture. The stature of the Nambikwara is small: m. i, about 6o for men, and m. 1.50 for women, and for the latter, like many other South American Indian, do not have a very slim waist, their limbs are more slender, their ends more minute, and attaches them more fragile than you might think . They are all darker skin, and many are suffering from skin diseases that cover their body mottled purplish, but in healthy people, they love to roll around in the sand to give their skin a velvety brown color that, especially in young women, it is extremely attractive. The head is elongated, the lines often fine and well drawn, his eyes alive, the hair system more developed than in the populations of strain Mongolian, hair rarely decided by a black and a little wavy.The women clothing was reduced to a wire shells tied around her waist and led to some other form of necklace or bandolier, mother of pearl earrings or feathers, bracelets cut in the armor of the armadillo and, at times, some strip of straw or cotton (woven by men) tight biceps or ankles …
Claude Lévi-Strauss – Saudades do Brasil (Tristes Tropiques)
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