Kyodo Awaodori Festival – Edokkoren | Tokyobling’s Blog

Kyodo Awaodori Festival – Edokkoren | Tokyobling’s Blog.

Last weekend was packed with events, exhibitions, festival, dances and music all over Japan and certainly all over Tokyo! I spent Saturday making sure I got the most the Awaodori festival in Tokyo’s Kyodo district, where the annual dance festial took place along the main shoutengai (shopping street) of the area. It’s a little peculiar awaodori festival and I had a really hard time getting any kind of decent colors for my photos. At night you have to make do with what little light there is and most of it comes from all sorts of street lights, shop windows, electric signs and so on, all with a different color profile. Still, I did my best to get good shots of one of Tokyo’s better known teams, the Edokkoren (江戸っ子連), founded in 1970 in Koenji. They are excellent at all parts, with some very energetic men and exceptionally steely nerved shamisen players!

The Kyodo Matsuri is a cool festival with part of the first day devoted to both Awaodori and Okinawan dance, and the second day to Samba! If you are in town next year, I suggest you go enjoy the music, the people and the food!















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