Jean Carlile Buxton (1921-1971) at the Southern Sudan Project

View photographs by Jean Carlile Buxton.

Jean Buxton was a diploma student at the Institute of Social Anthropology, Oxford, in 1949, and went on to do field work among the Mandari of Southern Sudan, initially at the request of the Sudan government. The Buxton family already had a number of associations with the Sudan, and two of her cousins were administrators there during her research. She was introduced to anthropology by one of them, Paul P. Howell (Sudan Political Service 1938-55, D.Phil 1950), and another cousin C. de Bunsen, was deputy-governor of Equatoria Province in 1951-52. Her initial fieldwork among the Mandari was undertaken during 1950-1952, making a brief return visit in 1958. Her B.Litt thesis, ‘The Social and Political Organization of the Mandari’ (1953) was ultimately published as Chiefs and Strangers. A Study of Political Assimilation among the Mandari (Clarendon Press 1963). Her D.Phil thesis, ‘The Religion of a Southern Sudan Tribe � the Mandari’ (1957) was substantially revised and became Religion and Healing in Mandari (Clarendon Press 1973). She died quite suddenly while the proofs of this book were going to press. She held no permanent post in anthropology, but she did give a number of lectures at the London School of Economics and elsewhere.

Jean Carlile Buxton (1921-1971)


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