Diversity of the…Gypsy

Non-Western Historical Fashion – biggadjeworld: Appreciating the diversity of the….

Appreciating the diversity of the Rromani people in every sense of that word. 

From Turkey to Russia, to Finland, Hungary and Argentina. 
From Catholics to Baptists, to Jewish & Mulsim Rromani. 
From light Rromani to dark Rromani and everything in-between. 
From speaking Lovari to Sinti, to Anglo-Romani or Mexican Vlax. 
From pleated skirts to Flamenco dresses. 


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3 thoughts on “Diversity of the…Gypsy

  1. Mishto

    Beautiful! I am proud to be Romani, and I cherish the diversity of Romani tribes and traditions. We are one people in many tribes. Also, thank you for NOT using the term “Roma” when referring to all Romani. The term “Roma” is the ethnonym of Eastern European Romani, but the term is not used by the original, Western and Northern European Romani. All Roma are Romani, but all Romani are not Roma.

  2. This is repost and I can not change anything

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