Folkloristic here and there | Bente Haarstad Photography

Folkloristic here and there | Bente Haarstad Photography.

There are so many countries that have folkloristic costumes that are so beautiful, and there are also a lot of different festivals or parades showing off these rich traditions.

 These photos are from the Cavalcata Sarda, in Sassari, Sardinia.  There are some more in my photo gallery from Sardinia.

Cavalcata Sarda, Sassari In Sardinia there are more than 200 festivals and events during the year, but only 3 offer the opportunità to see united, un the same place, all the traditional customs of the isle: Sant'Efisio at Cagliari, the Redentore at Nuoro and the Cavalcata Sarda at Sassari.<br /><br />
The Cavalcata, that is different from the other two celebration because it's not a religious celebration, it join varoius aspects of celebration: there is the presentation of the customs then there is one component more sportive with skills by the riders ("pariglie"), elements typically of folk-lore: songs and dances tha last until late hour.
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