Finding Immanence on Behance

Finding Immanence on Behance.

Vikas Vasudev is a photographer based out of Mumbai, India.

    • This series came about towards the end of summer 2011, During my expedition through a remote mountain pass deep into the heart of a region called Zanskar, where it was a 4 day trek to the minutest signs of civilization. For the first few days i couldn’t decipher what was going on in my head, did i enjoy this hard trek in almost complete isolation or did i hate the fuck out of it? Eventually, somewhere along that hard journey stumbling up the mountains, when the mid day sun was burning a hole in my head, it hit me, that it didn’t matter, nothing did. At that moment all wants and desires had escaped my soul, my mind was completely thoughtless, something i never thought was possible, the remnants of my own voice disappeared from my wandering mind. In that moment in time and space, after all voices were sucked out and i couldn’t hear myself in my own head, i became One. I became one with myself and everything around me, everything else ceased to exist.It was a feeling that went beyond our eager concepts of happy and sad, positive and negative. Somewhere along the depths of melancholia i discovered a new feeling, like a black hole, which is there but at the same time isn’t.

      Now a year later as i write this listening to the madness of the choking traffic outside my window, all this seems so alien, like it happened to someone else, in another life, in another time.

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