The incredible story of the black brothers who were born albino – Afro Magazine

The incredible story of the black brothers who were born albino – Afro Magazine.

They were born without color in a black family in Pernambuco. Three brothers who survive fleeing the light, looking for joy and affection in the dark. The youngest says is white mutt. The insults of the college turned identity. The mother whispers that are little angels. Yes, they have bred! Are albinos whose mother and black father brown.

Kauan 5 years, Ruth Caroline, 10, and Esthefany Caroline, 8, with all their innocence to give the language statistics. By a “defective” gene, the three brothers were born albino, black skin white. The chance of just three born in the same family was one in a million. Born. A trick of genetics.

This touching story was told otherwise by journalist Joao Valadares, the Jornal do Commercio, Recife.

The fingers are always crossed for rain. It is the invitation to swim in Praia Del Horn in Olinda.Children pray to scare the Sunday sun. Only then, with the sky painted black, they can be normal.Kauan, Ruth and Esthefany have freedom controlled by the factor of sunscreen. Not only that. Are poor and wounded.

There is no money for partial protection. The PhotoDerm 100 is the biggest dream of “galeguinhos” V-9 slum of Olinda. Costs $ 96 and lasts only three weeks. The way is to hide in the same house. TV stuck on his face. Occasionally, Kauan, an overflow child defies the greatest enemy. Close your eyes and run like hell in the street. Cry for the sun and listening another scream largest inside.

It is the mother Rosemere Fernandes de Andrade, 27, trying to avoid another night of burning and fan on max.A simple fact like going to school, which is a200 meters in house, it’s hard for them. You need to put clothes that cover most sensitive skin without melanin.

Their vision is also affected by albinism. Difficult is to keep the glasses intact, because having to keep your eyes closed because of the sun, falls are frequent, and they have already broken eyewear collection. Without the glasses, learning is compromised.

Understand why they were born that way

Professor, Department of Genetics, Federal University of Pernambuco, Valdir Balbino, explains that “the two are heterozygous, have pairs of genes that have a gene different from another. The father and mother have a dominant gene and one recessive. Each child inherits half of the genetic load of the father and half from the mother. With two heterozygous parents, the chance of each child being albino is 25%. “

There is another account. The chance of the parents of children in the top four sons, three of them have produced albinos was 1.5%. And so it happened. The recessive gene, which has the defect, causes a problem in the tyrosinase enzyme responsible for the synthesis of production of melanin, the pigment responsible for coloring and protection of eyes, hair and skin.

Presented by the case, if the parents are black, boys are as black as them. Ethnically and genetically. The difference is that children do not produce melanin.

To illustrate this incredible story, the photographer Pernambuco Alexander Severus followed the reality of Olinda boys for three days, and the photos published in Jornal do Commercio are replicated here. So striking, the report prompted netizens to organize a campaign to help the brothers. Learn all  here .

See other beautiful photos of  Alexander Severus :

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