Tiwah ceremony | Dayak Culture

Tiwah ceremony | Dayak Culture.


Tiwah ceremony is custom event Dayak tribe. Tiwah a ritual performed for the delivery of the bones of the dead to Sandung already made. Sandung is a kind of small house that was made specifically for those who had died

Tiwah ceremony of Dayak tribe is very sacred, in this Tiwah event before the bones of the dead are in between and put into place (sandung), a great many ritual events, dance, voice, drums or other entertainment. Until finally the bones in place in place (Sandung).

Tiwah rituals intended as a ritual to straighten the spirit or spirits traveling towards related Lewu Tatau (Heaven – in English Sangiang) so they can live a peaceful, tranquil environment Sang Power. In addition, the Dayak tribe Kalteng Tiwah also meant as a procession Kalteng community to release Rutas Dayak tribe or family departed for the misadventure left from bad influences that hit.

For Dayak tribe, a death process needs to be extended with advanced rituals (completion) so as not to interfere with the comfort and Securiy living person.Furthermore, the aim is also to release Tiwah bond widow or widower status for couples families. Post Tiwah, a custom they diperkenakan to determine further or permanent life partner choose not to marry again.

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