Goran Jovic Photography — Back to the tribe

Goran Jovic Photography — Back to the tribe.

A journey to Africa is a journey to the cradle of Life. It is a place where you can truly see the world in the grain of sand. 

When you go there you have to experience it with all your senses. As you walk through African fields you have to find

yourself and finally you have to confront your biggest fears . Giving answers to the fundamental questions is as easy as breathing.

Where do we go? Why do we go there? What do we hope for? A scent of Africa is a true scent of nature. Its green fields are the heart of everything, they are the beginning and the end of life itself. If you want to feel African soil under your fingers you have to be bold and fearless. You have to find your inner strength and accept everything that life offers you.

When you taste Africa, you begin to feel an incessant thirst and your quest for the spring of life becomes your personal assignment. Once you fall in love with Africa you open your heart to new challenges, to the history of mankind and to a lifetime dedication.

  A young shepherd in the rye.

Boys are on their way home after they had left their goats in the herd under the African sky.

He has a machete. Don’t mess with him.

The village Naiyobi is a true miracle of nature embraced by the Lord’s Mountain in Maasaian Ol Doinyo Lengai.

This is a photo of a cultural boma. In this village the Maasai tribe lives of tourist earnings. However, I skipped the visit to the cultural boma because I wanted to find a true tribes of Africa.

This is a path to the village Olbalbal. There I met a little boy who was on his way home.

A young family in Bulati village. My neighbors were wonderful hosts and truly kind people.

An old Maasai lady whose eyes are perfectly reflecting amazing traditional colors of her Maasai tribe. And she shyly offers a key?

An old African mother. Tired but not defeated. And yet, she offers a key?

I found this woman in the middle of nowhere. She held her ax after she had chopped an accacia tree in the Valley of Accacia. I am still wondering how she usually transports all that chopped wood.

A middle-aged woman working in the fields of corn. She is one of many farmers who grows corn out of the borders of the Ngorongoro national park where agriculture is allowed.

A group of young workers on their way to the corn fields.

A group of women who are bringing water to their village.

Lunch break in Sendui.

My Pot of Gold.

Mto Wa Mbu City. An improvised watch house where people spend 24 hours guarding their fields of rice. This functions as a protection from the birds.

He found a moment to rest. If he could only find a moment to eat.

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