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Senegalese girl


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Fulani girls . Cameroon




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Finding Immanence on Behance

Finding Immanence on Behance.

Vikas Vasudev is a photographer based out of Mumbai, India.

  • This series came about towards the end of summer 2011, During my expedition through a remote mountain pass deep into the heart of a region called Zanskar, where it was a 4 day trek to the minutest signs of civilization. For the first few days i couldn’t decipher what was going on in my head, did i enjoy this hard trek in almost complete isolation or did i hate the fuck out of it? Eventually, somewhere along that hard journey stumbling up the mountains, when the mid day sun was burning a hole in my head, it hit me, that it didn’t matter, nothing did. At that moment all wants and desires had escaped my soul, my mind was completely thoughtless, something i never thought was possible, the remnants of my own voice disappeared from my wandering mind. In that moment in time and space, after all voices were sucked out and i couldn’t hear myself in my own head, i became One. I became one with myself and everything around me, everything else ceased to exist.It was a feeling that went beyond our eager concepts of happy and sad, positive and negative. Somewhere along the depths of melancholia i discovered a new feeling, like a black hole, which is there but at the same time isn’t.

    Now a year later as i write this listening to the madness of the choking traffic outside my window, all this seems so alien, like it happened to someone else, in another life, in another time.

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By Vikas Vasudev

These are images from my journey to a remote forgotten land called Baltistan, deep on the edge of northern India.

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the northern frontier | towels packed, will travel

the northern frontier | towels packed, will travel.


Turkana, in northwest Kenya, is a land of extremes. Scorching temperatures, intense droughts, and flash floods are the routine features of a difficult existence for the region’s pastoralist tribes. Believed by anthropologists to be the cradle of human civilization, the Lake Turkana basin remains virtually untouched by modernity – a kind of living museum that offers a rare glimpse into the way life was millenia ago.


In the searing wilderness of Kenya’s largest county sits Lodwar, a sleepy frontier town whose haphazard streets are overflowing with signs for various NGOs and relief agencies. Several decades ago, the possibility of oil and gold mining transformed Lodwar into a desert boomtown. The government paved the road connecting remote Turkana to Kitale in western Kenya, encouraging northern migration. But the promise of vast riches never materialized and the new tarmac disintegrated within a few years. Lodwar remains the only town of any size in Kenya’s vast, sparsely populated northwest, but it is a shell of its former glory, its empty streets a fitting symbol of a region ravished by successive droughts.

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Folkloristic here and there | Bente Haarstad Photography

Folkloristic here and there | Bente Haarstad Photography.

There are so many countries that have folkloristic costumes that are so beautiful, and there are also a lot of different festivals or parades showing off these rich traditions.

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Indonesian tribe officially recognised as ‘tree-dwellers’ – Telegraph

Indonesian tribe officially recognised as ‘tree-dwellers’ – Telegraph.

A group of hunter gatherers living in a remote Indonesian forest are thought to have become the first tribe to be officially recognised as tree-dwellers.

Indonesian tribe officially recognised as 'tree-dwellers'

There are almost 3,000 members of the Koroway nomadic clan Photo: CORBIS
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Big feet are sexy according to the Karo Batak in Indonesia

By , Science Correspondent

Delicate features, smooth skin and an hourglass figure may be what most men look for in the woman of their dreams, but among one indigenous population in Indonesia, male suitors crave a more unusual characteristic – big feet.

Big feet are sexy according to the Karo Batak in Indonesia

Karo Batak, both men and women judged largest feet as more attractive Photo: Alamy
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Brazilian native Indian Zahy Guajajara checks her computer at the former Indian Museum where she lives, in Rio de Janeiro (SERGIO MORAES/REUTERS)


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TOIARIKI Richie FRANCIS | Maori tatoo

TOIARIKI Richie FRANCIS | maori tatoo

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