**Attention** Please read the information that comes with the picture and keep the conversation about breast cancer only..
I am not against people expressing their views, however you must have a view to express.. Stop diverting the conversation
away form what its supposed to be about..

Some have suggested that breast cancer has been around for eons. Yet The oppressive society of western and Arab play

a major role in some of these cases.. A woman’s breast weren’t made to be on lock down 24/7, because Patriarchal charged
men want it that way..Also, Diet plays a part in raising the risk of cancer among women.. There aren’t too many reported cases
of breast cancer on women who live a traditional life styles

Belmoun Ibolele Ayibobo

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One thought on “**Attention**…

  1. I was fortunate to find out about the works of Weston A. Price a few years back – and have seen the benefits gained from returning to a more traditional diet – – Although his work and many others are daily attacked as ‘quackery’, there is just too much evidence that traditional lifestyles and diets play key roles in averting disease – – It seems to (untraveled and self-educated) me that a kind of western snobbery still exists when I read the attacks made against lifestyles that are considered “uncivilized” and yet, study after study shows that people who have managed to keep to their ‘traditional ways’ have more health, more leisure time, more happiness than any who are interviewed in the ‘modern world’ – –

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