Its about time that…

Its about time that….

Its about time that we look at other cultures from the perspectives of the people who
live within these cultures. Instead of sitting on our high horses casting
judgement against those people who seem quite happy and satisfied with their ways of life.
We should seek understanding and empathy.The colonial mentality which we’ve inherited is
malignant for humanity, because we don’t believe other people are civilized unless they talk,
dress, behave as we do..The biggest ignorance is the ignorance of others…I know some people are going to find away to drift away from the points which I made,if that’s your intention please don’t comment at all..


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2 thoughts on “Its about time that…

  1. Wonderful! 🙂

    These sentiments reminded me of a quote I came across a few years ago –

    “Fully equipped with our own sets of values, of which we are largely unconscious, we sally forth in the world and automatically see behavior with glasses colored by our own experience” – Customs and Cultures by Eugene A. Nida

    I still struggled somewhat reading this book, for it was written for missionaries. While it had wonderful stories of tolerance and understanding when people of vastly different ways of life met, I just couldn’t ever forget it was written for missionary work, which I see as activity focused on changing the point of view of others – whether they will it or no – – but perhaps I need ‘educating’ in this topic, as well…

    Still, a nice collection of stories regarding what happens when people from different worlds choose to approach one another with curiosity and respect.

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