Damara people

Damara people.

Damara people of Namibia:

The 130,000 Damara – also called “Bergdama” – are among the oldest inhabitants of Namibia, although their origin is not quite clear. Their language is a Khoisan dialect with its typical click sounds and resembles the languages of the Nama and San. But their appearance is quite different from those ethnic groups.


What wiki had to say:

They have no known cultural relationship with any of the other tribes anywhere else in Africa,[2]and very little is known of their origin. It has been proposed that the Damara are a remnant population of southwestern Africa hunter-gatherers, otherwise only represented by the CimbaKwisi, and Kwadi, who adopted the Khoekhoe language of the immigrant Nama people.[3]


Prior to 1870 the Damara occupied most of central Namibia, but large numbers were displaced when the Nama and Herero began to occupy this area in search of better grazing. Thereafter dominated by and working for the Nama and the Herero.

They seem to be indigenous people of neither Khoi nor Bantu origin(or possibly both who knows) i’m very curious what type of dna these people migth have. (i’ve noticed some of them have strong brows)

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