Tribes, Tribes, Tribes!

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Cute introduction, huh? Ha, well I thought I’d talk about tribes of the Khaleej with a specific emphasis on Oman. First  off, the “Khaleej” is a term that refers the Gulf countries of the Arabian Peninsula: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar. Though you would think Yemen was included in this for what I gathered from my year in Oman/UAE many Khaleejis (natives of the Khaleej) find Yemen to be very different culturally, more tribal and  a non-member of the important oil-based Gulf economy. Basically, they’re seen as a bit more extreme tribal and government wise and lacking the wealth of the other oil countries. Anyways, I’d imagine their tribal system is much different from the rest of the Khaleej. Now, the Arabic word for what we call “tribes” is قبيلة .

The tribal system in the Middle East and more specifically Oman is so complex I’d probably need years of research and…

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