The modern face of fundamentalism Koteka

The modern face of fundamentalism Koteka.

In the mid 70s, the Indonesian state prompted a campaign banning potentially ethnocentric traditional use Kotekaamong various tribes of  West Papua  people as “immoral” and “aberrant.”
Contrary to these absurd epithets, the Koteka is an accessory made ​​with dry and hollowed zucchini are placed daily cultural groups of this vast island Melanesian for the protection of their penises. This add sartorial varies in meaning and functions between the West Papuan indigenous groups from ritual practices, fetishes and protection of the member.racist campaign Anti – Koteka was launched during the rule of dictator  Suharto , which later became the “anti-pornography law” agreed in Indonesian parliament by fundamentalist factions, including Muslims and Indonesian officials have been determined to implement laws outside the cultural reality of these people, from the Pancasila Indonesia and the Islamic Sharia. Walaak ethnic Today, Dani , Mee, Yali, Amungme Komoro, Asmat, Bauzi, Korowai, Kombai, Sentani, Sempan, Mimika, etc.. suffer the effects intolerant of conservative politics Colonialista Indonesian state. What I find interesting is how the Arabic world is torn their hair out when violate their customs, however, the cross-corporate, financial and political Muslim Indonesian colonial domains has proven to be the height of cultural intolerance, to insomuch that have banned tip Indonesian shrapnel and boots, many traditions such as dances, rituals, costumes and related cultural practices Koteka. Papuan groups have not only had to endure the military occupation and the nationalist ideology of these brutes Asian, but also corporate fascism and Sunni religious about outdated. 

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