Herculine Barbin y la sensualidad de los Huaorani. By Larry Montenegro Baena.La Tribu Posmoderna.

Herculine Barbin and sensuality of the Huaorani.

Since the dawn of Western modernity, and especially since the formation of modern science intensive issues such as sexuality, gender and human corporeality, were placed without the slightest notion of particularism and symbolic complexity, on the balance universalist modern knowledge. In that sense, sexual categories and normative position, were conjugated from modern reductionism, without respecting the environment dyes and cultural nuances of sexuality in every corner of the planet. 
At this stage of modernity, thanks to some current theoretical and methodological approaches in anthropology, ethnology, social psychology and sociology, have reconsidered these issues trying not to step on the mining road and narrow ethnocentrism of biological determinism. From social constructionism , for example, emerge a series of trends that have been put in the hands of culture, the last word on the diversity of meanings, both of sexuality, roles, identities and multiple sexual communities. 
However, within Western societies, since the position of thinkers and social scientists who oppose the dominant sexual discourse, various theories have reinforced that appeal to respect for sexual diversity, which have led to struggles within the broader connoted movement queer . This is understandable and even justifiable when we think of societies norms governing the roles and sexuality, from institutional spheres – set from the legal structure of modern states – to name one example: the health within the framework of public policy. These regulations are supported from the pedestal of the dominant discourses and oppressive as patriarchy, fundamentalism, essentialism and speeches and naturalists biologicist Judeo-Christian tradition and modern science. 
This entry does not intend to discuss or even to question the traditional sexual practices of the pre-modern Western culture. I just want to expose as modernity (in its broadest sense) violates the thin fabric of native worldview around sexuality through his speech the biological / psychological sexed individual. And one of the points that caught my attention – and I want to split-is precisely the aspect of the formation of sexual identity and personality principle. That is, the bond of individual or personal identity with sexual identity. This misguided idea of Western modernity and specifically of positive science, social science has come and psychoanalysis since Freud, Levi-Strauss, Lacan, until a sudden jolt to Foucault, which he inherited from contemporary Western thought, a critical dimension of sexuality. 
From this point, is aberrant imagine this universalist afford the luxury to classify and categorize the symbolic constructions of the sexual culture of many people who do not even contemplate sexuality as an important incentive for the development of personality. This perception, crosses between the rails of the biological essentialist idea and impact of science in gender roles and sex from human corporeality function, reproduction, coupled delimit this scientific obsession with sexuality Definition of individual personality.
In that sense, masculinity and femininity built in other cultures of the world, and especially those that are completely unaware of this generic conception, would be out of the modern construction of gender roles / gender and the modern notion of the authentic individual sexuality. Moreover, when we think of these ancient cultures shoves increasingly within the emerging institutional welfarism thus within the hegemonic sexual discourse sexual policies of modern nation states. In that case, where would the Berdache of Ojibway tribes, the Mahu of Polynesia, the nadle of the Navajo, the hijraof India , the Machi of the Mapuche and even Bakla of the Filipinos? 
Another issue is the symbolic constructions of sexuality, sexual practices and entire cosmogony that revolves around sex ritual initiations, functional patterns, the pleasure, the taboo and permissiveness. These cognitive structures about sexuality can only be given in the primary field of culture, to say of environmental conditions, the organizational form, the employment hierarchy, communal consumption and especially the dynamics of how and in what way is governed control and freedom. Therefore, each culture creates its own behavior, sexual norms, their own notion of the body, sensuality, eroticism and thus each company differs from one another. 
An example of how scientific modernity has permeated despotically these discourses on the construction of personality and sexuality, is the dramatic case of Adelaide Herculine Barbin (France, 1838-1868).  
Herculine had a very deprived childhood, but his misfortune not was their social status, but their sexuality. He lived a time when European modernity was traveling between the development imperative of the positive sciences and social progressive political ideas and the stale stratified organization. In his childhood and puberty, I had defined a male or female body, on the other hand had a small vagina and a tiny penis with testicles. The confession of his abnormalityBishop JF. Landriot in 1860, after a thorough medical examination by Dr. Chesnet and delimited legal opinion was man, sharply defined – against his will sexoafectiva – the course of his life, leaving his family, his job, his social life and ended up committing suicide in 1868. 
His memoirs, almost a century later, were the subject of intense debate around the sexual discourse of power, by philosophers such as Michel Foucault and Judith Butler. 
But modernity comes in multiple forms, often violent and passive modes. In the northwestern Amazon, there is a town called Huaorani. They are settled between Curaray and Napo rivers, some live in Yasuni and Conocao rivers east of Ecuador.  
many years, the tribe would have had to face not only recent neo-colonization processes, but also the invasion of speeches fundamentalists led by evangelical missionaries, which have been dwindling sexual practices / sensual of these natives because evangelism. This crusade evangelizing project responds to relocation of the tribes Huaorani to meet the interests of the oil companies as Petrobel, Repsol YPF, Perenco, Petrobras, Maxus , including exploding beneath their land rich in deposits.  
leads Modernity in Western moral discourse, not only biological essentialism and fundamentalism, but the very idea of the development of the individual personality inherent basis of sexual identity, causing default ideological imbalance in the worldview of sensuality shared ritual of the Huaorani. This coupled with the modern idea of development and economic progress, which transgresses and seeks to dominate not only the natural ecosystem, but the entire ecosystem symbolic of the Huaorani. spite of this, the Huaorani resist domination and imposition of these speeches.  This indigenous group still live in shacks that are relatively close to the rivers. They still use their traditional orchards madioca planting, potato and other domestic crops. They have a vast knowledge of medicinal plants, live by hunting and gathering and spiritual life is closely linked with the forest, so for them there is no difference between the physical world and the spiritual world. The jungle is spirituality, culture and the basis for the survival of this people. huts At the call “long houses” are uxorilocal organization and each live between 20 and 30 people. His pyramid is made ​​up of an elderly couple. There can live their married daughters, the sons of their sons and daughters alike including unmarried children. 
These tribes generally reductionism always escaped the genre / gender of Western modernity, because they do not exist for these categories or even constitutive dimension of the role of the sexes. For the Huaorani, sensuality is not determined by the genitals, it is not exclusive of the biggest heterosexuality. The Huaorani sensuality sexualize not therefore bodily pleasures are indistinguishable from other emotions and everyday pleasures like sleeping together, sharing food, caressing each other, deloused, massaging and kissing in the body, etc.. It’s what they understand as “common good.” 
In this culture there is no notion of Western sexuality, nor categorizations that distinguish each others sexual behavior also in this web of sensual symbolizations both children, young and old, participate in these daily activities, since in this Culture is not a requirement for sexual maturity chronological.
Nor is determining sexual attraction between men and women, as here bisexuality, homosexuality and heterosexuality are not in sexual imagery, and practiced such activities either, since it is lacking the central notion of heterosexuality, except for reproduction . In this case, men are permitted to lie very naturally with the same woman (who belongs to the same home long and that men are brothers of the husband) because she will need several inseminations to achieve pregnancy. For them, being promiscuous or sensuality community, is the ideal way to support the economy among all the long house , as they share absolutely every dimension of daily life, including the extended dynamic sensual pleasure.
Certainly, to the Western mind finds it difficult to understand that human groups exist eroticen no intimate relationships, especially when in our westernized culture, sexuality is well embedded in the interwoven drama of power relations. For that reason, the dominant discourse of monogamy, heterosexual naturalism, the incest taboo, moral dualism of the Judeo-Christian tradition, are the components “civilizing” of this violent doctrinal company orchestrated by evangelical missionaries in lands Huaorani . Thus, paradoxically scientific modernity, extractive, individualistic, logocentric, technological and economic ally enters this discourse and its modern universal paper meets.
I’m sure if Herculine Adelaide Barbin was born between Huorani undoubtedly had experienced sensuality freely as any unrestricted sexual being their gender and special sexual constitution. Inside the long house , would feed their fellow monkey meat or cooked manioc in the mouth . After you do everyday, would sleep peacefully in a hammock sharing caresses, games and songs with children, youth and adults in a whirlwind shared sensuality: as an autonomous individual, self-realized in his corporeality, sexuality and full realization of their full potential. 

In pictures: the life of the Huaorani, an isolated village in the Amazon


The Huaorani village in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle.  All Photos of Keith Morris, BBC
The Huaorani village in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle.  All Photos of Keith Morris, BBC

The Huaorani village in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle, have had little contact with the outside. It is known that oil workers were killed when Shell established a station on its territory. Many Huaorani were relocated to allow oil exploitation.

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