Eurasian Shamanism

Eurasian Shamanism.

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Two female shamans of the Oroqen ethnic group from northeast China prepare for a ritual. Their costumes are similar to those of Manchu shamans. Note the brass mirror on the waist of the shaman on the far left.

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Koruyucu Kam / a Guarding Shaman 
by Khakas painter Alexey L. Ulturgashev, 2012
Abakan, Khakas Republic, Siberian Federal District, Russian Federation

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Mongolian Shaman Gankhuyag Batmunkh is shrouded in smoke from a fire as he prepares to summon the spirits during a Shaman ceremony on Black Mountain Head in Nalaikh district of Ulan Bator in Mongolia, 06 July 2012.

Photo and description by How Hwee Young

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Shaman Kara-ool Tiuliushevich Dongun-ool from Tuva, photographed by Vladimir P. Dubrovskii in 2002

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An elderly Sakha man performing a ritual, which was filmed and photographed by the members of an ethnographic expedition in the mid-70s

He was a close friend and assistant of a shaman in the 20s and the 30s, so he knew a lot of old chants and traditions.

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Behind the scenes photo from the production of a Soviet film from the 1930s, which featured this Evenk shaman as one of the characters. (He basically played himself in the film.)

Photos of a Tofalar shaman showing the front and the sideview of his outfit

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A Khakas shaman (belonging to the Sagai tribe) photographed during a ritual

Front and back detail of an Udeghe shaman’s robe made of fish-skin. Kimono cut, fastens from right to left.

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A picture taken on August 20, 2010 shows a shaman of Tuva Republic performing during a shamanistic ritual ceremony at sacred site outside Kyzyl.



shamanism around the world.  images scrounged from around the net.

in order:

dogon shaman, mali

norse shaman, finland – It’s actually a difficult one. I have no reliable information about this — I’ve seen this photo labeled as Nanai shaman, Altaic shaman, or simply Siberian shaman etc. Based on his outfit and drum I’d risk saying he belongs to some Samoyedic ethnic group, but that’s just a wild guess, so lets conlude that WE JUST DONT KNOW, okay?

yupik shaman, alaskan inuit

native american shaman, unknown tribe – He’s an Evenk shaman from Siberia. (link to the photo)

muist shaman, korea – A South-Korean shaman is called a mudang. “Muism” basically means South-Korean shamanism.

goldes shaman, siberia – He’s a Nanai shaman. Nanais were formerly known as “Goldes” but that is an old, obsolete name, which hasn’t been used since the 1920s. (link to the photo)

mongolian shaman

khakas shaman, russia – Yeah, probably“The ethnographer Hoppál identifies the shaman woman to be of Altai Kizhi or Khakas origin, admitting that it cannot be decided exactly from the image alone, which of the two.”

I just had to fix it.

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