yemen, the land of dreams “arabia felix”

Yemen, the land of dreams “arabia felix” 

By anthony pappone 

  • I was one of the last tourists to photograph the Yemen before the outbreak of the Civil War with the fall of longtime President Saleh.
    the Yemen is a unique country; different from all others, it seems like you’ll go back in time. It has maintained its tribal culture and there’s only little of influence of tourism.
    Today, Yemen is often put on the “black travel list” for tourists, even though it’s a fantastic country and the people are very hospitable.
    I visited all the regions: the capital Sana’a with all its beautiful palaces decorated and carved windows; the cities of ibb, jiblah and Taizz with ancient mosques.
    the tribal villages of thula, hababa, We walked through the countryside in the surroundings of manakha and al hajjarah the Northern mountains;
    the economy of the villages is based on the sale and consumption of qat (natural drug with the principle of LSD) comes from a leaf of a plant.
    the seaside villages the region of thiama with The historic town of Zabid is renowned for its 86 mosques, with madrasas attached, and domestic architecture.
    and finally I visited the tribal region where you’ll come across Hadhramaut , the city ‘old shebam Manhattan of the desert, seyiun and wadi dawan it’s the ancestral home of the extended Bin Laden family…..

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3 thoughts on “yemen, the land of dreams “arabia felix”

  1. beautiful pictures, they made my heart smile 🙂 hopefully one day everyone gets to experience what you have experienced in this beautiful country. I’m actually intending to getting to the word out there about this hidden jewel. I’m new to the blogging word and would love to educate people as well get educated once again LOVE the pictures

  2. Amazing photos!!! You took them? I’m really blown away! You are so talented.

    If you happen to be a match for our online photography gallery (mental health connected) we’d love to feature you and some of your gorgeous photography! Please email and let me know if you are interested in being a contributor, or have questions. There’s also submission info on the site. Your work really is beautiful!

  3. Hi,mates.Actually, I put here photos of Italian photographer Anthony Pappone (watch address on the top of this post)/I am more person,who is big in Ethnography and I put here everything about this subject.My biggest collection of ethnographic photos are on Facebook
    Here-my blog,where I put all information whats is unacceptable for Face/If you want any picture from my Facebook or this page-Take them with address without my permission.It is OK.All my picture-everytime has address ,where I took them

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