the spirit of the masks on Behance

The spirit of the masks on Behance.

By Anthony Pappone

    • I photographed in Dédougou(north of burkina faso) the festival of the masks FESTIMA, Festival International des Masques.
      lasts one week and you have a chance to admire the masks of Burkina Faso and other West African countries.
      It is said that when a person is wearing a mask on the face, they embody the spirit of the mask they wear.
      during the dances, is the chief  that controls the mask because the person inside the mask goes into a trance and can lose control.
      music and dances are performed throughout the day and the night, there are also clothes made ​​of leaves, fiber feather dresses, white dresses, suits and straw animal skins.
      The masks belong to the tradition animist and come out at the end of the dry season to ask for rain.
      masks are made of wood painted in black and white and represent, in a stylized way, the animals, the monkey coyotes crocodile and antelope, are as high as one meter and a half and they weigh many kilos. are worn by boys “initiates “that dance in trance to the sound to the rhythm of drums and balafon that a xylophone craft, which is built with a particular wood and uses pumpkins as a sounding board.
      the music is haunting and masks dance imitating the movements of animals representing with the aid of two sticks in order to simulate four legs.
      the masks of leaves BWA are a true artistic masterpiece, are covered fully small bundles of leaves the body is contained by strips of bark.
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One thought on “the spirit of the masks on Behance

  1. Reblogged this on FULL MOON AFRICA and commented:
    This post is reblogged here because the beauty of photos are not only very interesting, but they capture the culture, and colour, behind a particular ethinic group’s use of the mask. African art is often perceived via masks as decoration, however, this blog conveys the deeper value of the mask in the culture.

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