Warrior’s Dance {My time in Ethiopian tribes} | CrispSeptember

Warrior’s Dance {My time in Ethiopian tribes} | CrispSeptember.

For two and a half months I was able to spend time in Ethiopia. While I was there we took about three or so weeks and went into one of the tribes, who are located in the south of Ethiopia.

These are the Karo people, who are so beautiful and are wonderfully created by God.


With travel time heading down to the tribes was quite a task. It took our team two days, two land cruisers and one monster of a bus, just to get down to the town of Jinka. This is that town a person comes to before they head into the tribal land in Ethiopia.


We traveled in “style” or like every other ferengi traveling through Ethiopia and into the African bush. With my team of twenty-four people, plus four others we made the trip to Jinka, but once there we had to split into small groups to get to the tribes.

The drive there is normally only three days, but by the time I got to the tribes it was four. I had to spend an extra day in Jinka because we only had two land cruisers and twenty-eight people. Oh man!


I was in the tribe for seven nights, some of the longest days and nights of my life. Not really something I care to repeat anytime soon. It was hard, but good.

The Karo are beautiful people, with quite a long heritage in this area of Ethiopia. With two villages that stand along the Omo river, they face many things. Bathing, getting water or fishing there always a chance of a crocodile catching them. They don’t live in fear, they just live.

(Photo taken by Gabe Chartier)

They harvest the land and produce crops to feed themselves. With the women the ones working in the fields. The men are the warriors, protecting the villages from the crocodiles or sometimes even from other tribes.

(The photos above taken by Taylor Pool)

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