My culture: History of the Garifuna

My culture: History of the Garifuna.

The Caribs were strong men and strong, short, and Mongoloid physical features. They had black hair, long and thick cut perfectly to the area where the front ends and dressed with a brightly colored skirt and varied. Its original name was Callinagu and their home was the Orinoco Delta, rather then left to conquer the Lesser Antilles. Once achieved the conquest of the Lesser Antilles, eliminated every male Arahuaca community but kept the female to use at your convenience or as submit their needs. Very soon began mixing the two parties and the union of these two Indian races spawned a whole new society called Caliponan. 
 Garifuna society formation principle of its formation in 1635 and was believed to have been caused by two Spanish ships, loaded with heavy amounts of black slaves who were shipwrecked without option to be able to reach their destination to ensure the delivery of slaves to their new owners. During those days it was very common for Caliponan give false addresses to boats, and this were guided to form seats rivers where you were stripped of all their belongings, the cargoes of ships (gold, wine, and slaves) and then the crew was killed correctly. ‘s new African inhabitants were eager to establish friendly ties that could thus avoid being delivered to their buyers. So they adopted their customs and native language and soon married to women Caliponan thus giving birth to a new race. Their descendants preserved the height and color of their parents, who unlike Caliponan were tall and burly.This new company began focusing his family in the sexual division of labor as the primary basis of their economic activities. comes Shortly after the conquest of Barbados and St. Lucia, the men, who could not accept the strict regulations issued by their new rulers , accumulated provisions and decided to move to San Vicente (only 28 miles from Barbados). These men along with Caliponan became as powerful forces allied against the conquerors who came to be considered a group allied and totally independent. drastic change in XVII occurred in Vincentian society. The black society had become such a large and strong due to the steady inflow of immigrants from Barbados, that within soon became the dominant part of the island. Therefore, constant fights for purchasing power over the territory between the two races to derive both groups were divided. The Garifuna Caliponan forced to move towards the west of the island, and they took possession of the northwestern part of the same. Both groups tried to resolve their differences in the most peaceful way possible because it was known to the internal division that could draw the attention of European settlers to the island of St. Vincent. When news about the disputes between the two parties arrived at France, the French took matters into supporting Caliponan. The French inhabited lands Garifuna Caliponan while defending their land of any European settlement. The French made ​​several attempts, but were convinced that they should forget about the possibility to interfere or to win the battle once Garifunas and should seek to establish friendly ties with them. Garifuna community of French acquired a taste for wine , adopted the French currency as a medium of exchange for trade, and eventually obtained French names became allies of the French against the English colonization.    
Garifuna in Fabric

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