Dimitrina Vasileva: My published in Issue 8, August 2010 MAGAZINE EIGHT

Dimitrina Vasileva: My published in Issue 8, August 2010 MAGAZINE EIGHT.

Motley Planet

Dental Dimitrina Vassileva grabs camera
to Speedy beauty with their relatives.

Dimitrina Vasileva from Varna. The first and major success came when she was a 9 years old and his painting “My Dolls” won the International Children’s Assembly “Banner of Peace”. Since that time does not stop expressing themselves and attitude towards life and the world through different forms of visual art. He graduated from art school, but then life throws in January in a different direction – dentistry and prosthodontics.Photography conquered it 5 years ago. Saves courses actively shooting, traveling the world and explore   its cultural diversity. Has paid off.during 2008. I won the Master Award competition Fotovakantsiya.Sledvat participation in national and international exhibitions and competitions, prizes and awards, including exhibition space I call “love for animals”, I award the “Anti-AIDS antidroga 2008”, bronze FIAP medal for color photography, II and III International Photographic Salon Varna Prize nudity – “Eros” 2008g.III prize in competition “People and ulitsi2010g.” organized by photo-forum.net. More pictures of her you can see the www.dimitrinavasileva.com


{Trying to photograph the soul of the site

 Nesravanimo pleasure for me to reflect in your photos intimately, comprehensive history, a wealth of emotions, a person’s life without him away from the middle. Merge is a camera going into the frame look shorter distance – ever closer, more navatre.Chesto when my friends ask me what the photograph is not a joke, I say to them – with a soul, and that soul actually shoot this to me – whether it’s nature, time of one’s life, an event detail or lichnost.Stremya are my picks to retain the intimacy of a curious but lyubuvashtt to look. 

{I wanted to share the beauty with family
My love for photography was born out of an inability to share with your loved most – beautiful picture is revealed before my eyes. Diving is watching starfish a tiny coral island in Jamaica.When I came out of the water, the whole ostorov was covered with white birds. Among them spent hours in solitude and exaltation. Then I realized that I wanted to shoot, share reality as it appears to my eyes, the way it feels my heart.
{Unify the World
Almost every rope washing around the world hung jeans ads “McDonald’s” shining from every way, hundreds of sacred sites have become expensive tourist destinations.


{Darling of destiny
I am the darling of fortune – arranged my life in an endless series of events, moments and events. From his father – aeronautical engineer, razbarh that the world is not large. From his mother – everyone’s universe. My husband Stoyan is the engine that drives me a wider world.My worldview is inextricably linked with Buinovtsi village deep in the Balkan mountains and the village of Bulgari. Patriot and cosmopolitan – as if the important thing is that I feel alive and the magic of photography is my expression, time and freedom.

{To seek inner world 

I did trust your instincts about a situation that overpower the art techniques. Trying to turn your photography from simple capture position in the overall visual impression, through which tells the story of a sensitivity to detail and mood of the moment. In portrait pictures treat delicate sense of inner world, looking for the secret of fate that left traces in the facial features.

{In Search of Lost
In Australia I saw for cash climb Uluru sacred mountain, and beneath old Aboriginal Call it respect. In New Zealand reached the heart of Maori culture traditions Browse to razbara that today Maori wear “Adidas”. The museum of the culture that created the appearance of many Pacific peoples, there were 10-ish black – white photographs. I realized the true power and meaning of photography – the finality of the moment.
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